Edward Winterhalder is one of the world’s leading authorities on motorcycle clubs and the Harley-Davidson biker lifestyle. The creator and executive producer of the Living on the Edge and the Biker Chicz television series, his books are published in multiple languages and sold all over the world.

He was a member, and/or an associate, of outlaw motorcycle clubs for almost thirty years and has appeared worldwide on television networks such as Bravo (Canada), History Television (Canada), Prime (New Zealand), History Channel (USA), National Geographic aka Nat Geo (USA, Australia, UK & New Zealand), Discovery (USA), Global (Canada), CBC (Canada) and AB Groupe (Switzerland, France, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and Germany). In addition to his literary endeavors, Edward is a consultant to the entertainment industry for TV, feature film and DVD projects that focus on the Harley Davidson biker lifestyle.

Edward Winterhalder's books include The Ultimate Biker Anthology: An Introduction To Books About Motorcycle Clubs And Outlaw Bikers (co-editor Iain Parke - Blockhead City Inc - November 2013); The Moon Upstairs: A Biker's Story (co-author Marc Teatum - Blockhead City Inc - December 2012); One Light Coming: A Biker's Story (co-author Marc Teatum - Blockhead City Inc - October 2011); Biker Chicz of North America (co-author Wil De Clercq - Blockhead City Press - December 2010); Die Ubernahme: Von Der Rock Machine Zu Den Bandidos - Der Bikerkrieg In Kanada (co-author Wil De Clercq - Statt Verlag - March 2010); The Mirror: A Biker's Story (co-author James Richard Larson - Blockhead City Press - January 2010); L'Assimilation: Rock Machine & Bandidos Contre Hells Angels (co-author Wil De Clercq - Octave Editions - June 2009); Biker Chicks: The Magnetic Attraction of Women to Bad Boys and Motorbikes (co-author Arthur Veno with Wil De Clercq - Allen & Unwin - May 2009); All Roads Lead To Sturgis: A Biker's Story (co-author James Richard Larson - Blockhead City Press - February 2009); The Assimilation: Rock Machine Become Bandidos - Bikers United Against The Hells Angels (co-author Wil De Clercq - ECW Press - June 2008); and Out In Bad Standings: Inside The Bandidos Motorcycle Club - The Making Of A Worldwide Dynasty (Blockhead City Press - November 2005).